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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Camper

The above photo just about sums up the way I feel about Washington and especially the capital city of Olympia. Happy Camper indeed: a stellar setting smack dab on the water, liberal leaning tendencies, good healthcare, great shopping, superb markets including the farmer’s market, and boats, boats, boats!

The farmer’s market beckoned again early this morning, enticing in its color, smell and allure. While Marc sat reading in the car, I took my earth-friendly cloth shopping bags hanging off each arm and filled them both. Smoked cheeses and buffalo summer sausage at an affordable price, red swiss chard in a bunch so large it takes up half a shelf in my RV refrigerator, fresh spinach and of course, the dazzling fresh fruit (new crop apples and nectarines ) from Yakima Valley. Cha-ching; add another notch to Olympia’s charisma: I have never, ever seen such fresh and gorgeous vegetables in my lifetime. “Honey, if we live on the boat, we can walk here.” (it operates from April to December).

Swanstown Marina is owned and operated by the Port of Olympia, thus city owned and handsomely maintained. They provide permanent moorage for 656 vessels, including up to 70 allowed liveaboards. Unfortunately, there is a long waiting list for this privilege; perhaps two years or so. It is only a long block from the farmer’s market and on the opposite side of the peninsula from where we visited the boat broker a week ago. We much prefer it. By hook and crook we manage to gain entrance to the secured dock areas so we can wander making note of the boats for sale and talking to quite a few of the residents. Our pass also allows us to check out the laundry and shower rooms. The marina is extremely well done, even offering oil recycling for residents free of charge. After wandering the docks we sit at land’s end and watch the sail boaters playing on Budd Inlet, watch a heron in front of us fishing, and watch the quiet waterfront homes which gaze out at all this. Yup, Olympia is one classy place. I could settle here. Where are those jobs we need?