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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

This is about the only garden growing around here these days since our spring has continued to remain so cold and blustery.
Our regular garden has struggled to rear tiny heads just mere inches or fractions of an inch since planting up to a month ago. Last evening I hustled to cover everything, even bringing ferns inside, as the weather called for a frost warning which will continue again tonight as well.

Marc was unexpectedly dispatched to Bismarck in a big semi with a load, as he wears his “other” hat of CDL driver for Blenker Transport; as if he didn’t have enough to do with his many projects. Just as soon as he returns, he will head out again for a potential new project in Marquette, MI—a four story dormitory for the college. I swear they are working that man to death and I’ve about given up on ever getting much needed things accomplished here on the home front. Nix our plans to sell the RV this year probably; there is just too much to fix on it for Marc to see his way clear to doing so. It didn’t help that I inadvertently added to his burden while trying to open the slides and not realizing the battery had been removed. There was a small meltdown of the 12V components and now Marc doesn’t know what will be entailed in trying to fix it.

Thankfully, daughter and her boyfriend will ride to the rescue, coming to visit at the end of the month for five days and Marc signed up for a long overdue vacation week so we could really enjoy our time with them, showing them central WI. We hold out tiny hope that they may consider relocating here since the blush is off the rose with Portland, OR and its insanely priced real estate. Beautiful places are often the most costly so you have to ask yourself at some point “At what price beauty?” or even better: “At what sacrifice, beauty?” Do they continue to work long hours just to support their housing costs or do they consider moving elsewhere where they actually could own a house AND have a life beyond just supporting a roof over their heads? And as they say: beauty is only skin deep anyway.

As I do so occasionally, I wanted to remind readers to please continue to think about donating to your local humane society. Thank God people in this community are doing so, and we were able to save this sweetest boy Chance, from a horrible death from being run over by a car and having his leg crushed beyond repair. Yes, he's still struggling with the aftermath but he has a such a loving attitude, is full of life and will soon make someone a wonderful and devoted companion. If I wasn't on the verge of being the Crazy Cat Lady already, he would certainly be coming home with me!