And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tis Getting to be the Season

It looks like we’ll make it home to Yuma (for a 3 week break) for the holidays as Marc’s project wraps up Friday night if all goes well. He’ll sleep Saturday and we’ll plan to hit the highway home early on Sunday. It’s around 310 miles but once we cross the mountains to the Palm Springs side the traffic eases tremendously. It will be such a pleasure leaving LA (the constant roar of traffic, the sirens, the nightly murders and mayhem) in the rear view mirror; you have no idea!
Nothing of any note has gone on other than Marc’s work and watching Rocket grow up. He is changing so rapidly but still the same sweet kitty only with a more pronounced personality. He’s still the master of his domain, which includes all areas of the RV, and for sure the master of my heart as he cuddles up with me every morning over coffee.