And the road goes on forever...

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Why Aren’t I Blogging?

Inertia, or something more sinister, like wondering what is the point? My life has settled into a known routine of tedium that leaves me wondering just what is there to say that anyone else cares to listen to? 

I’ve given it lots of contemplation and arrived at the conclusion that I don’t want to feel the obligation of a certain schedule to the blog; hence, is there really any point at all in keeping it up? I do enjoy the format as a quick and easy way for friends and family to see pictures once in awhile, so have determined that I probably won’t give it up completely. In terms of a chronicle of our lives however, I suspect it will mostly fall to the wayside. Without constant new fodder, blogs grow stale and mundane, showing the same trivia and scenery as before and even more pathetically, talk ruefully about life as most must live it—in the same spot, making a living, with an occasional varied day thrown in to the mix. 

Most recently, Marc finally made it home in mid-March; it being his first visit since the Christmas holidays and will get to visit again mid-May; his 65th birthday. In celebration, upon finding that a friend has recently moved to the Rhinelander (up north) area, we’ve decided to head there for a few days of lakeside camping even if it’s still chilly. He was able to finish up the kitchen shelving so it’s nice to have those completed. 

Having enough of the awful mouthy bitch in the bakery, I made a move into the deli, but am finding she haunts me even there. I guess she won’t be content until I am gone completely, which may just happen if she doesn’t shut her constant carping at me. I just don’t want the constant aggravation of having to feel terrible upon going to work. Other than that, I do enjoy the deli—my shifts are longer but fewer, which should work well for my summertime household and yard duties. I am more than anxious for the opportunity to start enjoying gardening again and planning for a deck full of beautiful flowers. 

I had to give up most of volunteer activities with the shelter due to my work schedule so am hopeful working less will allow me to get back into helping more in that realm. I am again refinishing some furniture I’ve wanted to work on even while now fighting terrible, unrelenting arthritis in my left hand and wrist. For some reason, it has rapidly progressed from knuckle to knuckle this winter, like a demon intent upon gobbling everything in its path. The hand is virtually useless for all manner of things it used to easily do.
My mother celebrates her 92nd birthday today without us and it bothers me greatly that I can’t find a way for us to visit. With their old vehicles, my brother doesn’t deem it prudent to attempt to drive her half way to meet me and she won’t fly. For me, leaving here in summer would be very difficult as things need watering daily and the mowing often occurs at least once if not twice a week. Besides, leaving here in summer is not something I want to do: after sitting cooped up for six months of winter, I want to enjoy Wisconsin’s glorious summer. 

And, as always, Wisconsin remains fickle; yesterday reached our first sunny, 74 degrees since last September, yet by Thursday they are predicting we could be buried in up to 8 inches of new snow!