And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

May your joys be bountiful and your troubles few. We wish you happy and safe holidays! 

Marc and I are again without family close; just the two of us and our four fur babies. We are not even getting a white Christmas this El Nino year—yesterday we broke a 120 year old record for the warmest day ever in December, 49 degrees. I’m sure at some point this winter we’ve got to see snow; they are predicting winter may finally settle in here next week and drop three to four inches in Waupaca and much more up north. I’ll need a refresher on how to operate the snow blower!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Tis the Season

While everyone else seems to be scampering and scurrying with the holiday rush, the only thing keeping me busy seems to be clearing out my inbox of all the “black” this and “cyber” that sales recently clogging it up. Why must these companies feel as though you need to be notified of the same sale three times a day? My memory is getting bad but not such that I can’t remember the email just sent to me a few hours ago. 

Actually, I have been doing some things, and Marc is continuing to build in the basement. He is erecting framing for a bathroom; which will not be built out at this point in time, so will in effect become a darkened canning room with shelving. He’s also building the shelving he wanted in his office area, hoping to get a lot of the basement mess into totes and organized in storage. Next up it will be my job to paint them all.
I decided to make more free art for our walls, heavy on the lodge rustic, using some old pallet wood and lilac twigs and birch bark. Marc loved them and wants another now for the shed naming it “Marc’s Smokehouse”, and his sister feels I should start a business on Etsy. I gotta say, I do love them myself!
This past Saturday I worked most of the day as a Santa’s helper, as the community was invited to come in to the shelter and get their pet photos taken with Santa. We had a variety beyond dogs, including a cat, and a rabbit that had been adopted from us awhile ago.
Mother Nature continues to bless us with a mild winter so far but did offer up just a morning‘s brief kiss about a week ago. That was followed by some freezing fog and now has just settled into plain ‘ol damp foggy skies. The upcoming Christmas won’t require much of me since we won’t be traveling and no one will visit. It’s a real question as to whether it will be a white one for us. Time to get back to my inbox and its two hundred ads….