And the road goes on forever...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Although we gave notice on our apartment for the end of April, Marc is trying desperately to move us this coming weekend. I feel as though I’ve been moving for months since every time I drive to Waupaca I pack along a big load in my car. The new house is now stuffed with things in boxes poorly labeled and hither and yon between half finished rooms, the basement, the RV, and shop. Much of the stuff we have been using in the apartment needs to go back into the RV actually but has been carted along with house stuff in the rush to pack up. It’s a mess the magnitude of likely several month’s worth of sorting and clean-up awaiting me once we are there. 

This past weekend Marc spent nearly the entire time setting up the kitchen, with help from a counter expert from Blenker’s; connecting the stove and dishwasher, and kitchen faucet (which I am absolutely wildly gaga over it is SO SLICK!). The counter features a run of 15 linear feet so it was a handful for the two guys, but it came attached with the under mount sink which is quite a feat with Formica because usually having Formica meant having no choice but a drop-in. I couldn’t do my desired farmhouse sink since that style was not offered, but this will be the next best thing—a huge, deep stainless steel under mount! And the mega professional faucet to go with it! Marc finished up Sunday by drilling holes in the angle iron to secure the melamine kitchen shelving. Now it will at least hold some things until he has a chance to complete them after we’ve moved.
We lose internet Friday and won’t be getting our connection at the new house until May; besides I’ll likely be way too busy for any updates. This has been a trial the likes of which we haven’t faced in decades in terms of the degree of difficulty on our energy, our psyches’, and our perseverance. The light is definitely at the end of the tunnel now although the house is woefully short of being complete; we don’t even have a set of steps leading into it and are still using the metal ramp! Closet poles are not completed so clothing lies piled in masses on the bedroom carpet. We did finally get the water running to the house this past week though, so now the toilets flush without having to hand fill them out of gallon jugs. Ah…progress! We’re just thankful we’re finally moving!!!!!!