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Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Changed World?

What is there to say that hasn’t already been said? Just a few weeks ago it was business as usual but now it’s not.

WI has been fairly sheltered from large numbers of virus cases but it is rapidly expanding daily now and seems to finally have entered the populations’ attention that this is real. I decided to go out early yesterday to do some final stock up on groceries and found hysteria arriving even here in our tiny town. The store was jam-packed and many aisles were picked over and there was not an egg in the store. Surprisingly however, there seemed to be a normal amount of fresh vegetables so I guess folks aren’t interested in eating those. The frozen pizza aisle was wiped out!

I always jokingly say that I must have had a Mormon buried somewhere in my woodpile as I’ve always been one to have adequate supplies at hand. So even going into this we were pretty well stocked as I buy in bulk and had managed to hit Sam’s Club just before the onslaught. We own the largest chest freezer made and it is chuck full; plus making my own bread, I have 50 pounds of flour on hand. Hearty bread and cheese (also well stocked on that) can keep a person from starving for a long time I suspect.

We had already planned to perhaps build a greenhouse and some raised beds in our garden area this summer so now I’m pretty sure that’s a “go”. Having fresh and clean produce could become prudent in the not too distant future. I reflect that in times like this, it’s good to be out of town on our own acreage where we have a chance to fend for ourselves. If it came to it, we could have our own chickens and raise a pig or cow. Having a home now is solace and a safe haven.

Although we still have plans for some camping trips this summer, I have read in some RV newsletters that some campgrounds and state parks in other states are being closed. Hard to see how being out in nature could pose a problem but panic seems to be the rule of the day. Will severe travel restrictions come next, maybe stranding some RVers who are far from home or where they want to be? And as one RVer put it, who wants to be deathly ill out in the middle of nowhere with no available help or medical facilities? No, I think this is a good time to be home for the most part.

The Humane society I volunteer for is seriously considering cancelling some of our upcoming major fund-raising events, for which I am very sorry. But frankly, most of us volunteers are seniors and elderly and who wants the exposure? The long-awaited annual rummage which I had hoped would be a good market for all my winter efforts in making art quilts, may not be held. The rummage I was set to join with my neighbor at the end of April is also in jeopardy. If we go to all that effort and work will anyone even show up to buy?

Yes, suddenly a very changed world. Be safe out there.