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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

17 Days in June

If you’re not into construction, you may want to skip this post because that’s what it’s all about! The day finally arrived for the three-man crew to get started the first part of June to frame, sheet, and install the windows for our enclosed sunroom. Bugs, wind, and rain would often spoil our enjoyment of our front porch, so we made the decision to make it into a three-season room (no heat source). Despite the cost, it was the best decision ever!

The second half of the second day the crew was rained out, but altogether they had things completed in less than three days. The windows were large and heavy and expensive! As it came together, I marveled at how much larger it made the space appear.
Not a week later, Marc got home for a nine-day visit in which he planned to get the exterior siding taken care of. This involved piecing in and attaching to existing siding so it wouldn’t look like an add-on so much time was taken in cutting precise small cuts. It also happened to be hot and humid during some of his visit, which slowed him down. In addition, he hung the two ceiling fans I had purchased and got up most of the blinds, save for two which had not shipped yet.
Finally, the main door came in and I helped him out with getting it hung. We also bought a screen door, but it is waiting until his next visit to get hung.
The interior awaits finishing: there is electrical wiring to be done, insulation to be installed in the knee walls and installation of wall material. We will probably go with car siding, which is known in the west as tongue and groove knotty pine, which is now hung on the ceiling. Flooring won’t occur until next summer, but I bought some area rugs which help for now.
However, on Marc’s next trip home he intends to start work to finish off the front with a porch made of Trex, with a white vinyl railing which will match what we have going on out our back door. I am currently working with the landscaping around the front and redoing the flower beds with bark mulch and larger shrubs. It’s hard to believe that at that point, the front exterior of our home, after three years, will finally be done! 

Even getting as far as we have has made such an impact on how much better things look and it appears more and more like the little cottage I originally envisioned.
We are beyond thrilled at the way the new room is already working out. It’s such a pleasant space for happy hour in the evenings or to eat looking out at our view and of course, for naps on the porch!