And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Still Making Dreams With Each Other

Today Marc and I celebrated our twenty first anniversary in a totally low-key fashion. Twenty one years ago during the early afternoon hours at the Pilot Hill, CA #1 Grange Hall, we became man and wife in a simple ceremony and then immediately shared a reception among family and friends. Later in the afternoon we jumped into Marc’s new Corvette(with appropriate just married slogans all over it) and headed for San Francisco to spend the night before boarding a flight to our Maui honeymoon early the next morning. Thanks, Hon, it’s been a great ride ever since and I still love you just as deeply today.

Our morning started off with breakfast out munching down the camp’s famous huckleberry pancakes. Wild huckleberries grow in Washington at elevations above 4000 feet and a five pound bag costs around $35 to the restaurant, Ken the proprietor and cook informed us. From there, we moved on to picking more blackberries, some of which I had already put to good use (see photo).

As the day wore on, it was time to prepare for our feast of crab brushetta and fried clams but not before breaking out the Korbel and toasting to our success as a married couple. We moved on outdoors to enjoy our lake view and make dreams for our future. It sure is nice to have a soul mate!