And the road goes on forever...

Friday, August 25, 2023



Last update we were pretty much dead in the water, but serendipity happened when the young excavator fellow and a friend offered to help Marc out with the garage roof install. Unfortunately, we came up short a couple of pieces (which had to be ordered) but even getting this far along felt like a miracle. Even if he has to rent a lift, Marc should now be able to complete both the roof and siding on his own by season’s end.

Marc made a quick trip to Waupaca to pick up the new RV and it was great seeing it here, although it then had to sit for a couple weeks while the roofing was done. I guess Marc finally felt sorry for me, lamenting that I likely wouldn’t even get to move into it this season, because after I had returned from a trip home, he had it moved and was setting it up for occupancy. It took him a day just to do all the cement blocking underneath to level it. Since we plan to move this at the end of the year, under the RV cover storage, I suggested he may want to install some trailer jacks, which would certainly make the process much easier each year. He also plans to do some cement pads for the wheels since our site is sloped at a fair downhill angle which makes leveling tough.

It was thrilling to move in finally and the extra space feels amazing. The furniture (RV furniture is never good) is so-so and even though with the opposing slides in the living room we have tons of room, there really isn’t a good layout for the placement of anything. The previous owner left some small tables but they are awkward and flimsy and don’t really hold anything well without the chance of tipping over. Currently, there’s two sleeper sofas, each in a slide, and attached recliners/loveseat which faces the fireplace. We certainly don’t anticipate ever needing seating for six so we’ve decided one of the sofas and the recliner/loveseat will be moved out and we’ll be purchasing single-seating residential recliners and end tables. That will still leave seating for four but will then accommodate a roomier layout with functional furniture where we at least have space to set a drink or computer. One of the best parts, is that the view side to the lake is practically all windows (7 large ones plus a slider) so you feel as though you are almost adrift on the lake. Once we get some more trees cleared out and the deck built, it should be truly special as an RV parking site!

To that end, I’ve continued my work on enhancing the outdoor seating area. I did more to the rock wall, got the fire pit built and sifted out some soil for a small planting area. My BFF is coming to visit over Labor Day holiday and I’m so excited to finally share our hardworking efforts. These gloves I’ve used for the past two years tell the whole story I think.

Signing off with just a few other shots…