And the road goes on forever...

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Marc's Back!

Marc arrived home for good and we’ve been very busy since with getting the large RV unpacked, cleaned, and up for sale. He had a few minor things to fix when we noticed that the desert heat got to the main slide seal and that the corner of the slide had been leaking. We noted it was repaired before so obviously the dealer didn’t mention a thing to us when we purchased it three years ago. 

We placed it out front and on Craigslist at a very reasonable price (six thousand below low book) but knew in our hearts we’d be happy just to clear the lien on it. After several interested parties, on Saturday we had a very nice couple from Appleton who have a seasonal site on a lake and were very excited to see it because of all its large windows. Within two hours they had wired funds to pay off our loan so all has gone very smoothly with the transaction even knowing they have repairs in front of them. But then, they also got a screaming deal on the thing. I am convinced no matter the build quality of the RV they all will eventually leak; it’s only a matter of when, not if. Marc next needs to make time to deliver it for them to their campground, which is only about 50 miles from here. They don’t have a truck large enough to tow it. 

We’re both still in a state of disbelief that Marc doesn’t need to catch a plane for the west again. He has started his new job already and will be overseeing several very large projects, one of which is in Tennessee! At least he will be home most nights and all weekends. To that end, we’re already out looking for another RV. There are a ton of RVs on the market here but probably 80+% of them are bunkhouses, which we don’t want. We may have to go newer than we originally wanted because many of those we’re looking at all have leaking slide issues, probably mostly undiscovered for the most part. Now we know what to look for, we go armed with a flashlight and check everything. 

It would be nice to find something so we could get out a few times before winter’s cold but if it takes until next Spring, that’s fine too. The weather has cooled here appreciatively in the past couple weeks and trees are starting to turn color. 

I have the bake sale coming up for the humane society soon and am working on getting the last of my bread baked for them. Around 25 loaves, plus I have now made about 11 baskets since Fall O’ Rama is also a large craft show so I will place those out for sale as well. I was busy with several other volunteers at the local brewery on selected Saturdays where we provided a brat fry as a fundraiser. That has proven a pretty good success for us so something we are likely to continue doing so I help out when my schedule allows. The brewery is very well done for a small town like Waupaca and we're all hoping it is a success for years to come.
I’ll plan to update these pages soon if we’re able to score on a camper.