And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

I Parted Ways with the Pig

The Pig refers to the acronym they call the Piggly Wiggly store where I was working, so don’t get riled up that it’s something more dire. In the deli, I found I wasn’t getting enough hours to justify tying up my entire schedule plus there were just too many Chiefs and not enough Indians in that kitchen! Besides that, it’s summer now and I have plenty of yard work and interests to keep me going. I would consider returning to the bakery if the Work Nazi ever retires, as I really enjoyed that much more than deli. 

As we move into a mostly rainy summer, I am finished with working for the foreseeable future as we’ve had a major development occur. The entire time Marc has been gone from his former employer here in WI, the company has made outreach to stay in touch with him and about a year ago let it be known they would love to have him back. Marc stopped in to visit with them and keep the fires stoked occasionally, somewhat intrigued by the offer.
After my horrid winter alone, trying to manage all the snow, I began to bring up the idea that Marc’s working in the West was not the best thing for us. I have zero interest in being out there any longer, living in the crowded-with-Marc’s-junk RV, with three cats who must be contained inside all the time. I especially abhorred the idea of a return to Yuma for up to two years as the next slated project in line, which is a huge four-story building. 

The blush is off the rose for Marc too, of enduring this lifestyle living as a bachelor for a minute longer. So, we ebbed ever closer to really considering his former employer’s offer of returning and the die was cast. Only the details remain to be worked out: a start date, an exact salary. Marc of course, will finish his current project in Mesquite which hopefully might occur around the end of July. Once they start moving people in, he will need to remain to work out any little building quirks or failures, but he hopes to be able to start his move back to WI by the first portion of September. 

He’s set to arrive this weekend with his first load so his visit this time will be short. He’s doing a swing through Texas to visit daughter and son-in-law which further cuts into his precious time off. Once he’s back permanently we’ll address selling a bunch of trailers. The big RV will go, definitely one of the cargo trailers (we don’t need two!), maybe the flatbed and a utility trailer he built long ago. Also, under consideration will be selling the Freightliner. That will be the tough one as it will be a definite chapter closing forever. 

I have been busy making more jewelry and also got back into making some fabric bowls as I got invited to participate in a craft’s show on July 20th to try and sell my wares. Hopefully, they will sell well enough to at least gain some seed money to buy more supplies! I also finally got in the mood to tackle my big furniture redo of that orange pine armoire and after five days of sanding and applying finish, here’s the before and after. I heavily distressed the black chalk paint and am living with it for now to see if I may want to redo it into a solid coating. It's nice to be able to see the wonder and beauty of the wood grain. It turned out totally different than what I initially envisioned as I just worked with it as I went along. It’s just great to finally have it crossed off my “to do” list!