And the road goes on forever...

Monday, February 26, 2018

Getting Out of Dodge

No, unfortunately, not our move time yet, but I surely needed a break. The state architect decided that the facility needed handrails on both sides of all corridors so a mad dash ensued this past week to start getting that accomplished. Also, going on was a ribbon cutting ceremony with hundreds invited to tour Friday, then a job fair (to which about 500 applicants were expected) all day Saturday, then a Founder’s dinner Sunday.
Deciding I’d about had enough of the commotion and stress I decided to load up my RV and bail. My good friends from WI, Andy and Jackie, are volunteering at Cibola National Wildlife Refuge and I dearly wanted to visit, so I took off early Saturday morning to do just that. Using the poorly maintained Ogilby Rd. west of Yuma, north to Hwy. 78, full of dips and curves, I arrived in one piece around 11 a.m. Once at the visitor’s center I checked in with Jackie before pulling across the narrow road onto BLM to boondock.
What ensued from there was just pure fun and relaxation. It was so good to just visit with friends, hear nothing but silence from the surroundings, and see clear open vistas, it was almost magical. We went out jeeping and rockhounding all day Sunday to the point of exhaustion and I saw many new to me sites, including Indian petroglyphs drawn on disintegrating sandstone which looked as though they could wash away in one good gully-washer rainstorm.
What is it about connecting with friends and sharing loved activities and good meals that feels so good and rejuvenating? I’m not sure, but the euphoria lasted most of the day until I pulled back in to tackle yet another week of this interminable project.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

It's Gorgeous!

I’ll let the photos do the speaking for the most part but I will say the building turned out just beautiful. It should be a pleasant, cheerful, restful environment for those who will make their home here. The company, Mission Senior Living, is very dedicated to providing the best experience possible and making sure everything is top-notch. 

The facility itself houses all the modern amenities seniors are looking for. They do a bistro where ice cream is the popular choice and the facility also offers many lounge areas, where TV, exercise equipment, game tables and games, including billiards can be found. Tasteful art and flower arrangements welcome residents down their halls and the marque for the theater will beckon those wishing a movie night to come on in, where the hot popcorn is free.
Wellness offices make sure residents have privacy in seeing the doctor and nurse, and the on-site laundry room and beauty salon provide convenience for taking care of those chores. There’s even a pedicure chair with a very fancy glass foot bowl!
The courtyard pergola offers shady seating and a large BBQ is available for those special cookouts for residents. This entire area overlooks the miniature putting green. Perhaps the real coup however, is the melodious waterfall wall which will entertain and soothe those dining in the great room. It’s mesmerizing to watch the water cascade down.
The units themselves are comfortable and neutrally decorated in desert colors and offer up large windows. (Units pictured are models. Rooms do not come furnished.) The Alzheimer wing d├ęcor took special care with art work and vignettes of things past which should help spark memories in those residents, of better remembered times. It’s a bright, enriching environment and not at all hospital feeling when you step in. This wing also enjoys its own outdoor contained patio with seating with safe and secure vinyl fencing.
So, all in all, this facility is probably the best one of its kind I’ve seen. Kudos to Marc for bringing in such a building and living to tell the tale! He can be justifiably proud! 
It will still be a couple weeks before we’re set to leave; there are some small items to be done and I am still following up on the punch list items for at least another week. Then there is a ton of pack up and the big move to Mesquite with all the job stuff and our vehicles. It will be a very busy time.