And the road goes on forever...

Monday, February 15, 2021

Let the Demo Begin

 At some point this winter it dawned on Marc that the old Travel Supreme contained lots of useful real maple wood for his various projects. He's virtually been using it as a free lumber store as he's robbed the veneer sheets and drawers and drawer faces for his basement workshop. It may all look a hodgepodge but he swears it brings better order to his mania! In addition to the storage, he has worked tirelessly to get his dust collection system operative and that has helped to finally mitigate the flying dust upstairs and also eased his ability to breathe downstairs. 

The Travel Supreme meantime, now looks a total mess. Once we have all the interior parts scavenged, we should be able to get the exterior sawn into small pieces and hauled to the dump at some point this summer. The major portion then remaining will be the frame and axles which we'll sell. 

Wisconsin has certainly partaken of the ice box temperatures affecting much of the rest of the nation this month. We've had many -35 degree nights and days not reaching even double digits. We often don't even leave the house for a week at a time. 

Part of the reason for that however, is also because I suffered a bad fall on the ice one day. We were out delivering auction items to the winners of the Humane Society online auction, when both hands full of bags, I stepped on clear ice on the cement walkway and watched in horror as my feet flew up in front of my face and down I went flat on my back and tailbone. Writhing in extreme pain, I screamed for Marc as I couldn't even catch my breath, let alone get myself up. 

I'm pretty sure I suffered a concussion, my wrist was badly sprained, elbows bruised, chest muscles torn apart, and tailbone prevented barely any movement. I was a mess and couldn't move for nearly two days. Things are improving but very slowly, particularly the tailbone and wrist. I had an xray of the wrist and it's not broken but it still remains weak and badly swollen and it's been almost two weeks. Naturally it's my dominant hand. The only saving grace is that all of the items Marc and I contributed to the auction, including his birdhouses, brought in $416 to the shelter so that part was very heartwarming and worthwhile. 

It may be time for a re-evaluation around here. We love Wisconsin, but is it a good choice for a "forever" home?