And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Road Trip!

It just worked out that I had a vacant Tuesday on April 3rd so I cancelled the two clients I have Monday the 2nd so we can get out of town for awhile. I am more than ready! We are planning on leaving in the camper Friday after my only client, headed towards Sedona for some boondocking with pen pal Mark & Bobbie Johnson. Mark writes a heartfelt blog; wandering to out of the way places to provide his readers with very “artful” photographs:

We’ve been pen pals for years, but have never met. It so happens he and his wife are in Sedona for an art class so we will finally have the chance to do a meet and greet and spend a little time with them—a couple days to be exact. Mark already has a primo boondocking spot where we’ll join them near to the village of Oak Creek. Mark has also graciously offered to take us out to lunch as we peruse the byways of downtown Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon and in reciprocal fashion, we will provide dinner Saturday night with some of Marc’s incredible smoked pulled pork. How is it going to be calling both guys “Mark” you ask? Ha; I don’t know.

From Sedona, Marc and I will leave early Sunday morning headed onward to Prescott and at least a night or two of camping in the pine treed forest at over 5000 feet elevation. Oh, to see an actual forest again! We return Tuesday the 3rd so expect some blog updates that following week as I have time to process pictures and prose.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trading a Fir Tree for a Cactus

What this refers to of course, is that we have been registering the vehicles in Arizona this week. Between the registration and purchasing of so many insurance policies all at once I figure we will be in debt for the next year! And what a month we choose, right? April—tax time too! I had always heard horror stories about how expensive Arizona was to register and insure a vehicle but don’t listen. It’s bunk. Well, it is if you own older vehicles like us. Overall, the rates were comparable or less than Oregon’s, which has a flat rate on licensing excepting for the Freightliner, which was considered commercial, at around $700/year. We were happy to find that onerous rate drop in half here. Another advantage that Arizona offers is the option of buying a five year registration with a substantial discount over the yearly cost. Oregon has a two year plate, period. 

 It was an expensive week but we’re overall happy campers with the state’s fee schedule as Arizona residents.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Marc's Back!

Hooyah; Marc rolled into the yard at about noon on Saturday and was a very good sight to see. One of my clients, the one I see daily four times a week in the mornings, wasn’t feeling well all week so I ended up spending lots more time with her than normal, including working Saturday morning which put me at six days for my work week. So it’s just a lazy, slow Sunday around here with clearing skies after our brief overnight sprinkle/wind storm. 

I did manage to get time to attend probably what is to be the last of the season neighborhood block party on Friday evening, featuring a St. Paddy’s day theme and lots of good food, compliments of Montana Stan and Patty. It’s always a festival at their parties although the karaoke died down around 9:30 I think; I wouldn’t know because I was fast asleep by then.
I have a chock-full work schedule during the next month that Marc will have off excepting for one period of time at the end of the month when we hope we can get away in the trailer—maybe to San Diego for a few days. Marc’s honey-do list is long, topped by installing a new heat pump air conditioning system into the park model. The vehicles need some maintenance and repair and we’re shopping for local insurance in our quest to become Arizona residents. Busy, but mundane. 

By the time he leaves it will be time to drain the spa and cover it up from the unrelenting summer sun. He will head back to Concord, CA for the next project which starts April 22.