And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Lost in Color


My favorite time of year in Wisconsin; blustery Fall days filled with changing colors and dropping leaves and tangy foliage smells.
As Marc got back from his trip west, I joined him for a final five days up north with us doing a huge push to try and erect the RV shed. It is a steel kit building and putting it together single handedly was a nightmare for Marc. First, he had to fashion a makeshift way to lift the heavy arches and carry them to the foundation walls and get them to fit together. He did this by using the wench on the Mule; made higher by parking it on the flatbed trailer, where he fashioned a tall brace. Throughout the process I occasionally was of use to him, but basically served as the gofer and the safety monitor in the event he fell from the 14 foot heights he was working at off ladders and scaffolding.

After three long and full days in freezing temps and wind, we just managed to get it done the day before leaving. This at least allows us to leave the RV there all winter so Marc only had to haul back the Mule and on another trip, the pontoon boat, for storage in Waupaca. 

Although I didn’t have the chance to take any drives to do some photography, I did manage to catch some color around our property. It became even more beautiful with the daily changes and the rainfalls of leaves and pine needles cascading down totally covering the ground.


Finally, on Marc’s last trip up, he got caught in the season’s first snowfall; a harsh change from the beautiful summer and Fall scenes just a few short days before. She’s all put to bed and ready for her long winter’s slumber.

PS: Although these photos were taken by Marc during July, they were just too beautiful not to include, since the sunset colors are just like Fall’s. The comparison to Fall’s bog shots allow you to see the seasonal changes to the bracken that occur. Spending time here truly allows us to live in and with nature like nowhere else we’ve ever lived. God, I love it.