And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, July 27, 2023

We're Stuck


Things were going well until Marc tried doing the roofing by himself. The roof sheathing and paper had been done by his contractor friend, who then became busy with his business, so Marc figured he’d give it a go. And go he almost did…right off the edge of the pitched roof if not for his safety rope. I told him no way did I want to see him plunge to his death and that was enough of that; we’d hire it done! 

Of course, the primary person we’re depending upon for that is the contractor friend, whose schedule is so loaded up that time keeps passing and the roof doesn’t get done. That has stopped other stuff as well; the finalization of siding and being able to get into the area around the garage for the dirt work necessary for placement of the new RV. Marc did make the decision to make the run to Waupaca to retrieve it after we finished more road work, loads of gravel, and the extraction of many large tree stumps by the excavator guy. He should arrive back shortly, although I suspect it will be many weeks before we can occupy it.

All of this “processing” of trees took us many days of more backbreaking labor and a near-constant fire lasting five days. We’re in another no burn cycle, so now the limbs and brush are just piled awaiting the next chance to torch them.


road before

I’ve been spending off time making more rope baskets and coasters for the upcoming shelter auction, as my arthritic hands allow.

Overall, our weather has been comfortable as compared to many other areas of the U.S. We’ve received less rain this summer but only a few days above 90; most are 70’s to low 80’s. The Canadian wildfire smoke has often invaded our skies however, which makes things ugly and miserable.

That’s it for now from the lake….