And the road goes on forever...

Friday, November 30, 2018

The Holidays

The Green Bay Packers are the alter at which probably 80% of Wisconsinites worship, thus making Aaron Rogers their God. Have you ever known me to follow sports of any kind? No, I’m not turning into a fanatic, but given that on game days the bakery decorates everything from cupcakes to donuts with green and gold sprinkles I thought it only fitting that when it was my turn to decorate cookies and the Christmas gingerbread men, that some would just have to wear the green and gold #12.
The holidays are bringing forth all sorts of fun things to bake and package: traditional breads I had never heard of before (Rye turtles, anyone? Yes, they look like turtles and are labor intensive) to me having to unpack and prepare around 100 pumpkin and apple pies just before and around Thanksgiving. My shifts were much longer but have now calmed down in the lull before Christmas. 

Mother Nature has been fairly kind to us with many of the major storms passing to the south of us, hitting Chicago-land instead. We still have only a dusting of snow on the ground although temperatures are running about ten degrees below normal, so it definitely feels like winter! The kitties have found their ways to stay warm and aren’t so keen on stepping foot outdoors.
It’s still better than what those poor folks in California are dealing with. I am from the Chico area and have many relatives there, some of whom have still not been able to return home. I read with sadness about how the fire had destroyed Honey Run covered bridge, a structure that had stood for 132 years and was the last of its kind in the U.S. My father carved his initials in it when he was a boy and he is buried not far from there at a pioneer cemetery in Nimshew near Magalia. His marker was provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs, out of bronze, and I am left wondering at what temperature bronze melts or is destroyed or if the fire skipped that area and all is well for the dead in their eternal sleep.

Thursday, November 8, 2018


Marc has come and gone on his latest visit and I didn’t get much time with him, which was depressing. I had to schedule a colonoscopy for when he’d be here to drive me, and that process killed two days, then I was scheduled to work four days. I think we had one full day together when the weather refused to cooperate as well. 

He tried to relax from his stressful job and also got more done on the sunroom. He ran the electrical outlets, used up some leftover insulation he had available, and started on getting up the pine walls. He ran out of material, so the final portion will be done during his next visit at Christmas. I'm left to decide upon which window wrap I want: painted or stain grade. I'm thinking white surround might be too busy and appear too choppy, so am leaning towards having it match the walls. Right now the T&G is natural while I decide if I want to whitewash it or not. Any painting has to wait for summer so I've plenty of time!
Life during this time of year in Wisconsin is mostly a non-event; it’s been a rainy, blustery, cold Fall which precludes getting out much. Yard work is over and done, the lawnmower put away and the snowblower now taking its place waiting for its turn. I’m hopeful I’m able to run it on my own since I leave very early some mornings for work. Having the four-wheel truck is good backup but we hate to run it in winter due to the salt-caused rust. I don’t have that problem with my old Saturn because it’s all plastic quarter panels, hence no rust. 

Marc won’t return for Thanksgiving, so I’ve volunteered to work if someone else at work wants it off with their family. They tell me the bakery gets very busy over the holiday season, so I will likely be doing longer hours soon. By the end of the month I may also get training to work in the deli some as well, and I’m looking forward to that. All in all, I really enjoy having the job and am thankful for it. It gives me a sense of community during these long, lonely days of having a husband I rarely get to see. And so it goes….