And the road goes on forever...

Monday, July 26, 2021

Came and Went


Marc’s visit home passed all too quickly as he got caught up in doing all the appointed tasks I had waiting on a list for him. I never understand why it is that things break when he’s not here. 

With our first rain, he tackled our annual rite of burning the junk pile. We have several very old trees on our property which shed twigs and larger branches every time the wind blows hard. I also throw the yard scraps from pruning on the pile and an occasional scrap piece of lumber and most recently, some of the wood guts from the interior of the Travel Supreme have gone on there. Our neighbor also uses it as her pile so it was no surprise to find it quite large by the time he could attend to it.

Marc has wanted to put up a mailbox for quite some time as we’ve never had one here, using a post office box all this time. He was having trouble finding a large mailbox like he wanted locally but when we were in Virginia, he did find one. Another task accomplished finally.

Of course, the riding lawnmower also needed service and he opted for new blades since I am fairly hard on them running over gravel all the time. It’s crucial for that to stay in top shape since I mow once a week or sometimes every five days depending upon how much rain we get. I stopped doing a large portion of our other acre lot which we now allow to grow naturally as our cat Jerry’s “savannah”, where he loves to hunt. 

Marc fixed my recliner easily with a $12 part from Amazon, saving us the $200 charge the furniture store wanted for a service call and he also spent an entire day ridding my computer of a Trojan and getting it back to new condition.

Finally, we invited some good friends here to join us for cold beer outside at the harbor restaurant on one of the Chain of Lakes and then proceeded to stay for dinner. It was a wonderful evening and our first like this since before Covid hit. I sat and ogled the boats which came and went; they tie to the dock, the drink waitress comes and takes their order and they sit there in luxury on the water. 


My flower garden is finally coming into its own this summer, having taken about three to four years for the perennials to really flourish. It gives me a great deal of joy and I spend lots of time tending to it. The vegetable garden has been a failure this year; the cherry tomato plants which are huge have yet to see their green darlings turn orange or red, so are very late.

August will see me fairly busy; I have a craft fair to try and sell some of my wares on August 7th and then mid-month we again will be doing the Humane Society rummage, which is about a nine-day affair of taking in donations, setting up, four sale days, then packing up any leftovers and cleanup.

My life isn’t exciting these days; I live for the time Marc can return and we can get back to better days.