And the road goes on forever...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We left Packwood not in any hurry this morning with an Escapees Day’s End listing in hand with directions very near Mossyrock on Riffle Lake for a Tacoma Power Company boondocking spot last verified in either ’05 or ’07. After getting lost for a spell and driving five miles beyond where we needed to be, we flipped around and using GPS found most of the roads we needed. However, we ended up lakeside at a Tacoma Power Company regular campground which charged. A young guy was very helpful and pointed out where we might be able to find the boondocking while also stating that everything they had except the overflow dry camp lot was going to be full for the holiday weekend. On our way through we took a look at the overflow lot and left the rig parked in their boat launch area while we went searching.

We found the area, which could have been wonderfully secluded and right smack on the lake next to the dam but there were signs posted about it being a day use area. These may have been erected since the last Escapees report and with the holiday coming up we thought better of being kicked out because then we would have nothing. As it was, the overflow lot had only one other rig currently set up so we had our pickings. So, that’s we did for $14/night.

We’re on a downhill slope which required all of Marc’s blocks and we’re still nose down, but this place is absolutely beautiful. I have a lake view just hundreds of feet out the door and a ton of blackberry bushes 35 feet from the rig. Marc has already gone crazy picking them with instructions I am to make a pie or cobbler and he is going to can some jam. It smells verdant here; right now it is totally quiet awaiting the weekend holiday crush which I’m sure will come, and we (& the cat) feel very at home. Ah, this is what we’ve been looking for.

Internet signal is very marginal so forgive us if we don’t post a lot this week. We are due to leave next Monday and hope to get some better pictures on a sunny day. There was a blueberry farm about six miles down the road and I told Marc we have to go back and pick some; there are also fresh pies. Why not make our own to go with the blackberry? Yes! We’ll leave here five pounds heavier! My earlier disappointment is slated; I’m in my element again. We have lots of catching up to do; computer work, haircuts, this place is huge and all paved for great walks (it stretches out lakeside for at least two miles) and there is even a little restaurant/grocery lakeside. Marc has promised me breakfast out for our anniversary Friday. Oh boy.