And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Days Slide Slowly By

Marc has been doing lots of studying lately so we’ve been sticking close to home. The National Electric Code book is now nearly 1300 pages and when he tests he needs to know how to find the information for the answer as quickly and accurately as possible. This will definitely be a process and time-consuming for him.

Meanwhile, nothing much has shown up on the official job search although we have met with an elderly gentleman who may need some help with a rental duplex that needs some carpentry repair and clean-up now that a long-term tenant is moving out. We hope to hear on that perhaps later this week—a short respite from the financial storm, as it would only last about three weeks, but at this point, anything is appreciated.

As a diversion for Marc for a day, the Army decided it needed another 40 foot of tent added to the structure that is already here in this parking lot where we stay. It was quite a process to see the addition go up virtually in one day. Marc met the very nice supervisor for Aztec Tents who covers most of the western states and decided to even jump in and help set the flooring. Seeing others work when he so badly wants a job, was just more than he could bear! As a thank you, he received a $50 gift certificate to Appleby’s from the supervisor; how nice was that? Ah, a dinner out sometime--how lovely!

From there, Marc also jumped into our generator problem and found the culprit: for the third time mice had built a nest in the air intake. With a quick fix of some screen, it shouldn’t ever happen again.