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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We're In Ft. Lewis

Touching the smooth bark is much like stroking skin with cellulite beneath it; rippled yet smoothly silky. Madrone trees line our current backyard and are so pretty I wish for one in my future yard. Yesterday we moved onto Ft. Lewis in the dry camping overflow parking lot. Every three days we can renew for $5/night; quite possibly the best bargain accommodation in all the Seattle area! It’s actually not bad here as it’s not at all crowded and all things on base are cheap—propane for $1.85/gal for instance when we last paid nearly $3/gal in Bend. We get the park amenities of swim beach, lake, sewer dump, water, dumpster, laundry room where a wash costs a dollar, and a smokin’ WIFI hotspot there if wanted. In the regular park, the sites are long and spacious and very attractive. The Adventure Center here, for soldier’s morale and recreation, boasts canoe and boat rentals, travel trailers and cabin rentals, and a new store that would rival REI. As Fam Camps go, it probably is one of the best. Pictures will have to follow.

We sit above American Lake which is forested and tranquil, but we hear the I-5 freeway close by most hours, day and night. As is typical of the area, fog is here early morning and evenings since we are only about four miles from the Sound. There is not a lot to report yet since we just arrived but our passes to the base are good for 30 days so I’m sure we’ll have some good tales coming up. Meanwhile, since a pass and ID check is 100% all the time at the gates, we feel locked up and secure.