And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Just Briefly...

We’re at the coast! We left Yuma on a warm Sunday noon and made it to our normal boondocking spot along Hwy. 95 at Searchlight, NV. Taking the bypass around Vegas proved a good aggravation, if not time saving, and by that evening we were pushing through to Rye Patch Res. along I-80. The campground was empty save for a host and given the time of year, was free. It was downright cold at 23 overnight with snow still blanketing the surrounding mountains.
We made Bend by four o’clock the following day to a happy reunion with family. My mother is looking good, if not too spry, at nearly 91, and we settled into her home for awhile as it was too cold to stay in the RV. The kitties enjoyed the extra room too. Marc helped son Neil wire the food cart trailer he is working on in hopes of soon opening his own side business in booming Bend’s yuppie environment of breweries and carts.
Our time in Coos Bay has seemed way too short as we spend each day walking, clamming, cleaning clams and eating our fill of all sorts of delicious seafood! It’s been wonderfully relaxing and good for Marc and the weather has cooperated in being mostly sunny or at least no rain. The clamming beach is directly across from the port marina RV park where we are staying so it has been very convenient. We’ve also enjoyed seeing old friends, lunches and dinners out and (after Yuma’s dust and dirt) the blissfully clean scented air that throws out good electrons for an endorphin boost.
We return to Bend tomorrow and from there Marc flies back to Reno for the work week and then to Yuma on Friday. Meanwhile, I’ll conclude my visit with family and plan to head for Wisconsin on or about the 8th. Plans are for me to meet up with Marc a couple days later in Rock Springs, WY where we’ll then travel together. He needs to get some of our rolling stock back home.