And the road goes on forever...

Monday, May 27, 2019


I’m sick again! It seems to never fail that every time Marc flies home he ends up catching a virus which he then thoughtfully passes along to me so I can share in the misery. The only thing is that he ends up fending it off fairly quickly, while I suffer for weeks and weeks with it lingering a slow death. So, I’ve missed work and have been generally just feeling punky and out of sorts. 

Wisconsin is finally moving into summertime although a tad on the cloudy/rainy side. It’s back to mowing again but that’s not a chore I dislike as somehow it proves to be very cathartic. Kind of like a mindless, contemplative state which occasionally renders useful thoughts or ideas. Our second lot is an acre and the past two years I’ve let over half of it grow as meadow, which proves to be a good hunting patch for the cats. I’m considering expanding the meadow and just mowing the perimeter and around where we keep all the trailers parked which would further cut mowing chores. I recently scored some brass cranes off Craigslist which I’ve placed around the birch trees and I like the effect. The apple trees and lilacs are finally blooming and we planted a new Crabapple tree by the house. I also finally sprang for the purchase of a handmade wind spinner which I had lusted after for years and it’s like watching a mesmerizing ballet in motion.
The biggest change by far however is that spur of the moment I decided to empty and clean out my RV and get it out front for sale. That didn’t take long: within two hours the first guy who looked at it offered me cash, so it was a done deal. The next day we took care of the title DMV work and that evening he drove off with it. Given that he and his wife had been using a tent to camp in, they were absolutely thrilled with the thought of having their very first RV! It was sad to see it pulling out but I figured rather than sitting here depreciating with very little use, it was better off being gone. Marc always felt it was too small for the both of us anyway.
At some point there will likely be another RV in our future, but who’s to say? We still have the big one he is living in and have to decide its final disposal once he can retire. We’ve talked about placing it in a seasonal lakeside campground and using it like a cabin but that gets to be a big annual expense. On the other hand, that also requires keeping the Freightliner for towing it and I’d like to finally send that off to a new owner as well. It’s expensive to maintain, license and insure for no more use than it gets. 

I’ve got the annual Humane Society rummage coming up and although I opted out of running it this year due to my work schedule, I will still participate as much as I can. To that end, I spent lots of time making my glass flowers and a bunch of jewelry and if everything sells, that should net them in the neighborhood of $400 as my donation. I priced things below cost so they would move.
Marc is very happy to be entering the final few months of his project in Mesquite; this has been a particularly trying one given the quality of the manpower in that neck of the woods. And that's the polite way of phrasing it!