And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, November 29, 2009


At dawn on Saturday, my birthday as it happened, we got the bad news that my 87 year old father had fallen and broken both his shoulder and his hip. He was being prepped for surgery, which turned out to take place just before we arrived at the hospital in our emergency drive from Washington. The news wasn’t good as we met with all the family in the lobby—my father has several health issues—and his blood pressure was falling dangerously low. That forced a quick surgery which only allowed the doctor enough time to complete the hip and not the shoulder. His shoulder will remain broken to heal on its own.

This morning as I write this, he is still in the Intensive Care Unit but seems to be doing better than he was late last evening. He is able to receive visitors and we take turns seeing him.

Due to some issues with pay, we did not get the duplex completed last week as we thought we would so we left the RV behind in Washington. Marc will return with my daughter to finalize that whole situation and get the RV towed back to Bend. I will remain with my mom.

This will be a waiting game now, to see how well he can do. Somehow, with this year having been so bad for us, this doesn’t greatly surprise us but we sure wish it would end and that things will turn out OK for my father.