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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Waning Days of Fall

The days meld one into the other as we continue to get ever closer to wrapping up things on the duplex. The roofers finished their job; Marc got the torn out laundry room reframed, sheetrocked, taped and textured and then we draped the entire place and got the interior painted. Lowe’s will be laying new vinyl throughout on Monday, new carpet on Tuesday and then I will have my final hours of the overall cleanup to finish off the inside. Marc however, will still need to do some things on the outside and also some minor repair to the other occupied unit before the job is entirely finished.

Just today, I will finish up the last of the painting--all the closet shelves and a good thing too as I am coming down with a cold that Marc has fought for the past week. I’m sure within a day or two I won’t even feel like working; I already feel my energy ebbing.

We had hoped to be able to spend Thanksgiving in Oregon with family but fate isn’t going to allow that since the Freightliner is still broken down and we’re waiting on parts. At least we hope to be able to spend it with Rachael. We’ve already got the big bird just waiting in our freezer!