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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Preserving Life

Marc’s been working hard as ever only now combating extremely cold temps and a little snow. We passed our rough plumbing and temporary electrical box inspection this morning so he is now free to move ahead with the rough electrical. He has the first layer of insulation done in the basement, with a like-layer yet to go. I have thrown in the towel on being able to help him due to the extreme cold, which I just can’t tolerate. I lose all feeling in my hands and feet and get searing headaches when the cold reaches my ears.

I’ve been kept really busy with fund-raising events and meetings for the shelter however, including one yesterday where we did a “Fill the truck” donation drive at Waupaca’s largest grocery store. We asked patrons to purchase us items off a wish list as they shopped and the response was very generous. With my background in sales, it was easy for me to develop a spiel and forcefulness which at least required people to take my proffered handout list before they got around me! It was gratifying to see the ones who came back out, loaded down with the largest bags of dog or cat food, and all manner of everything else the shelter uses on a daily basis, like soaps, bleach, pet treats, and paper towels. I have another function this coming Saturday, a craft sale to which I’ve contributed about fourteen pair of my handmade earrings, which I will man during the afternoon shift.

The most exciting event though happened this past Thursday as I was working my normal day with the cats at the shelter. Someone said they found a tiny kitten abandoned in a barn so brought it in. In actuality, even though the people said they searched for the mother, I think the mother was in the middle of moving her litter and was just hiding. The kitten was in great shape and hadn’t frozen the previous night or that morning which it would have if abandoned. But the damage was done so the shelter had to deal with it. Due to so many functions and things happening at the shelter, there really wasn’t anyone available to take the kitten and she was so young and so tiny she required bottle feeding. Well, not even bottle feeding, but syringe feeding!  
So by default I inherited a new baby and am relearning the preciousness of life and just how fragile it can be. We’ve named her Spirit due to her fighting spunkiness and I have a pretty good feeling she will make it. We guesstimate her age at between two and three weeks; her eyes haven’t been opened all that long and are still blue. She herself is black and looks like a miniature bear cub and is an engaging little dear. She’s already making great strides; she recognizes me as Mommy and comes wobbling across the room at the sound of my voice. I will likely foster her for at least a month and I’m sure it will be difficult to give her up knowing she will then be caged and alone much of the time. For now she curls into the palm of my hand or against the crook of my neck to fall asleep after she’s been fed, which seems to be every two hours. Oh, yes: there are the nighttime feedings as well. Just like being a mother again….