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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re planning a quiet holiday with lots of turkey and lots of kitty love! I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time hand-raising this little girl we’ve named Spirit. She gets livelier by the day and thus more demanding as well. She has definitely wormed her way into our hearts but we keep telling ourselves four cats would just be way too many. We are desperately seeking her a home, not wanting to see her go back to the shelter for life in a cage. Being hand raised, she is very imprinted on people so should make an excellent cat for someone.
Marc has about completed the wiring and will hope to get much of the main floor insulation hung through this weekend. We have a thing about never having enough outlets in the kitchen particularly, so as can be seen in the picture, Marc made sure our new kitchen should not suffer that defect! The power company now has all inspections and permits issued which will allow them to install power. Since Marc has two new projects about to break ground however, he will not make his December 1 deadline to head west. In fact, he will need to be in North Dakota all next week more than likely.
I am stepping up to spend even more time helping out at the shelter since they are down two cleaning people and short staffed. Heavy snow prevented me from getting in my first day yesterday but I should be able to get there today to clean all the cat cages in the rooms I normally work in socializing the cats. I will do this up to three times a week for as long as it is necessary, weather permitting. Their needs are great and I have the time; the shelter is over capacity with cats now numbering 77, around 30-40 of which must be kittens of various ages. That’s another reason for us to find Spirit a home soon; she could very well be lost in the shuffle of so many other black kittens needing homes.
We hope your holiday is filled with thankfulness and the camaraderie of those you love the most. I sure miss my family!