And the road goes on forever...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall is History

Yeah, I know the calendar doesn't say so but there’s nothing like an end of October snowfall to put an end to fall and move us into a premature winter. What leaves had clung to the branches seemed to fall willingly once the snow coated everything very early in the morning of Halloween and it’s a rare tree now that sports any remnants trying to hang on. Fortunately, the ground isn’t quite cold enough yet so our snowfall melted quickly and never did stick to the highways.

In amongst the cold and brief snow, our septic got installed, inspected and covered over in less than a week. While it was open it resembled the Lazy River in its meandering pathway, which was done way differently than what we are used to. There is still some final grading to be done around the house by the excavator once the ground settles. 
Marc’s helper Jason lent his hand one day to gain further progress on the roof and Marc was finally able to finish that up last evening. His knees and ankles are screaming from the pain of working at such an angle for so long. I’m not sure the labor savings was worth the toll on his body. He’s paying the price and is pretty stove up now.
Progress continues on the plumbing. Now that the time has changed it will become much more difficult for Marc to go over after work since it will be dark by the time he gets there. He purchased a blast propane heater to dampen the chill but it’s only a matter of time until it won’t be able to keep up so as we move into winter proper, working on a house with no heat will become problematic.