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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly Thanksgiving already. We will miss being able to be with family or friends but just intend to spend it quietly here in the apartment with our cat family. Yes, we now have another addition—a cute, sweet little girl we picked up from the Portage County Humane Society on Saturday. She had a rough time during the fall, having been picked up as a stray at the beginning of September and being extremely emaciated, dehydrated, and full of worms and fleas. The shelter nursed her back to health and put two pounds and a pot belly on her tiny frame. She is definitely a chow hound so we’ll have to watch it that she doesn’t become obese!
She’s very quiet, calm and affectionate compared to Rocket and doesn’t appear to have nearly his energy level so we’re hopeful she will make the lap cat that Rocket never turned into. Rocket was getting a little better with me that way just before her arrival but now he is in a bit of a snit and trying hard to remain alpha. I keep them separated if I am not here to supervise, but they are getting better at getting along every day. We’re having trouble coming up with a name for this little girl (estimated to be between 9-12 months old) but she is a pretty little thing on her short pudgy little legs with her direct gaze.
On another note, we made an offer on the lot across the street that was our favorite but the owner is unrealistic as to its value in this market so we weren’t able to come to an accord. We may move further afield to other villages to search to see if we like anything as well; prices seem to be more reasonable and maybe with sellers who are actually motivated to sell rather than choosing to continue to own their property as the highest bidder. 

Enjoy your holiday everyone and be safe!