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Friday, November 15, 2013

Oh Baby, it's Cold Outside

Temperatures have been running about 15 degrees colder than normal for the past six weeks in Central Wisconsin, causing an early seasonal hibernation on my part. It’s just not fun to go out exploring when the wind chill brings things down to zero to twenty degrees! Thus, I added a new addition to our apartment in the form of a treadmill so I can keep up with my walking. Even Rocket says he might like to try it out.
We’re at that in-between season when fall’s glorious colors have faded but winter’s whites haven’t shown up just yet. I guess we could call it the Dead Season, although some patches of grass are still green and there are a few lingering rust and orange colored leaves left on the oaks.
Amherst Pond seems to already be gearing up for its freeze-over with the first encroachment of ice so the gulls were seen massing on the flowing Tomorrow River instead. One has to wonder where they go in the dead of winter since even the Great Lakes freeze over.