And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sorry Folks, It’s Kind of the Hibernation Season

Yes, Wisconsin has suffered the same brutally low temps as many other parts of the country the past two weeks. Often when we step outside to now coated, slick icy or snowy walkways, it hurts to take a deep breath. Wednesday’s high temp will be -3 and with a 20 mph wind added they are warning of dangerous wind chills of -35. Needless to say, I spend all of my time indoors these days; even doing the least amount of driving possible since my car is not four wheel drive nor do I even have snow tires. The road departments do a great job of keeping roads clear but since they use salt, the cost on car bodies is extracted in a short lifespan.
Rocket finally capitulated and gave up going to the sliding door asking to go out. I think it hurt his feet the last time he trounced through the snow and with the wind chill ruffling his fur decided being outside during this time of year isn’t such a great thing after all. Now he merely looks at the white blanket and acts pissed off and then turns around to pick on the new little girl whom we’ve named Munchkin. We purchased a four-story cat condo hoping that would help with diversions but Rocket doesn’t like sharing despite many up-high perches easily shared. He is slowly getting more accepting of the intruder but I play referee much of the day.
Little Munchkin is an absolute sweetheart; docile, playful, and getting more at ease with each passing day. We’re really glad we saved her and made her part of our family. Now if we can only get Rocket to agree!