And the road goes on forever...

Saturday, November 13, 2010


The days passed quickly this week; a blur of business and medical appointments. Marc talked with our supervisors at Southern Cross and they terminated us as of Friday because we couldn’t give them a return date. Thinking that our medical insurance would run through November I have made several appointments and been able to keep them but Marc hadn’t gotten around to any of his save his vision exam. We found out our medical insurance also ended Friday with our termination. We don’t have word yet on whether it will go Cobra, but even if it does we will not be able to keep up with the expense with no income coming in. At least I feel good about the things I did get handled after a lapse of two years of no medical care.

For those of you over age 60 who had childhood chickenpox don’t forget to think about getting the shingles inoculation. My dad suffered from painful shingles for months about ten years ago and it is not something anyone wants to go through. Sometimes this second bout of the chickenpox virus can also cause permanent joint pain. Fortunately, our insurance covered this very expensive shot ($275) as part of my wellness exam.

The death certificate finally arrived and the attorney will start next week on helping to wrap up many of the details that need attending to. We dodged in and out of some light snow days so are really hoping we get all this wrapped up soon so we can leave. RVs and snow just don’t mix!

Mom seems to be getting incrementally better and Marc has attended to many “honey-do’s” around the property. She finally made the right decision to come with us to Yuma this winter. She needs the change of scene and activity level and we won’t be left worrying about her sitting alone grieving for dad nor of her having to manage in the snow and ice. My brother can keep an eye on the property. The warm days of Yuma can't come soon enough.