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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Cooking Knight

Dressed in his black cooking smock, he’s a moving blur across the see-into kitchen as he reminds me of a Ninja. Here to there and quickly back again, his focus never waning as he jumps between the tasks of being the head chef at Kayo’s Restaurant--my son has invited us all to come as his treat, for a feast to celebrate my upcoming birthday. So despite a blizzard-like night, we do just that Monday evening.

As we settle in and peruse the extensive and upscale menu I get half way down the day’s fresh seafood specials and don’t have to look any further as my choice has been decided once the entrée “Razor Clams” jumps to my attention. Other than the Pacific Northwest, the only place they are dug, I don’t think razor clams are even offered on menus and I can only say what a delicacy the entire world is missing out on. Yes, Oregon; how I have missed your seafood! Add in a wonderful salad, my son’s homemade French bread with a smoky salmon spread, a 5 oz. lobster tail and cold glass of Chardonnay and I’ve all the makings of the most wonderful dinner I’ve ever had.

Marc is well pleased with his Cajun style, smoky and blackened huge prime rib (also with lobster tail) and my mom is thrilled with her bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon. The restaurant is newly opened and very comforting inside with its plush interior, beamed wood ceiling, crackling fireplace and shutters that hide much of the falling snowfall.

Thank you, son, for such a wonderful evening and birthday present. Your cooking is truly on par with the best we’ve ever had and it will be a meal I will never forget.