And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting Out of Here—MAYBE

The latest arctic blast has partially paralyzed the Pacific NW and left us six inches deep in the fluffy white stuff with overnight readings of zero degrees. While admittedly beautiful, I hate it. We now have no water in the RV and since we are on only 15 amps of electric and thus no electric heat, our two powerful Olympic Wave catalytic propane heaters only provide an inside temperature of 58-65 degrees, both at full bore. Our front door handle is matted with frozen frost inside, as are all of our windows. Icicles cling to awnings meant for the sun. We burn through a 10 lb bottle of propane every three days (i.e. $25). As is her usual winter-want, central Oregon tries her mighty best to suck us in and not let us go.

We certainly plan to try our best tomorrow however—the Saturn is trying on her newly adjusted chains like a pony with new shoes which will hopefully allow me to control her movements over the mountain passes and snow packed highways. Oregon doesn’t use salt for road maintenance so driving on hard packed icy snow is the only option here. The big hang-up will be if Marc can get the RV slides to retract—right now they are frozen solid in their open positions. Ah, ain’t life fun in a northern winter?