And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We arrive for a night at camping at Camping World to attend to the recall on our Dometic refrigerator, which is to occur the next afternoon. The Camping World in Fife has an excellent person in service by the name of Dave, who really knows his stuff. It's so refreshing to find a person who was a pleasure to deal with, intelligent on all matters regarding RVs, and seems to love his job. The service manager at the desk however, is another story entirely, spitting out “attitude” with a hardly concealed snarl. Since he has been this way every time we’ve talked to him (several occasions) we chalk it up to “his” problem and an obvious “he sure doesn’t like his job”! Seriously, if you are in the Seattle area and need help be sure and ask for the tech named Dave and know that you will be in trusted hands.

Later in the day we arrive at the Eagles Club in Enumclaw, our next temporary home. Unexpectedly, all their water/electric sites are full, so we get to pull into the back 40 lawn area next to a pretty little pond full of cattails and off to ourselves. We will dry camp here for three days until our spot becomes available. By joining Eagles for $58 we cut the cost of our site in half. For $5 more we’ll buy the book which lists all their RV parks throughout the United States and likely be able to save more in the future. Like many fraternal organizations like the Elks, they offer low cost campsites where they can.

We’re here making plans to help renovate that duplex for a few weeks. More to follow on that. On another note, we found out that our bedroom slide seal is falling apart. Normally this wouldn’t be too big of a deal—just order it from Travel Supreme. Well, Travel Supreme has been out of business for about a year now and we’re even having difficulty getting in touch with an independent firm who took over much of their service. They too could be out of business. So Marc has to scramble to try and find a vendor who sells this seal stuff before the rains begin.

Oh, one other thing: I’m also wearing two black eyes in case you have trouble recognizing me. We had gotten all set up and into evening and had the screen door open it was so nice and then the sun started shining in Marc’s eyes so I thought I would be nice and go out and close the door. The door latches at the bottom to the side of the trailer to hold it open and there is a basement compartment right behind it and Marc had that door opened. Well, the latch on the compartment doesn’t always hold and the door flips down from a hinged top. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this: no sooner did I unlatch the main door, bent over to do so, when the hinge compartment door heavily fell suddenly right on the bridge of my nose! Ow, I thought it had broken my nose! Despite icing it right away and being up half the night in pain, it did not mitigate the huge black eye on one side and the slightly smaller black eye on the other and a lump in my nose which makes me look like a Roman. So I’m a fine sight this morning! I told Marc it serves him right; now everyone can figure he beats me up! Actually, I told him he needs to get a gate latch that can’t come undone for that compartment door and he asked me if we didn’t already look enough like the Clampetts?