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Friday, May 1, 2009

Hell Week

Yeah, that’s right; exactly what I said in the title. I won’t go in too much into my new school experience except to say I’m not quite sure what I have gotten myself into. To say the work load is overwhelming for the short time involved is putting it mildly. I hope I make it out the other end. Mostly, I hope I am able to pass the state exam on the skills testing. Out of 54 tasks we must learn, we get tested on an arbitrarily picked five of them. I am already praying I don’t have to make the bed! Go ahead and laugh.

Since you make a hospital bed all at one time from one side, (& whether or not a person is in it by the way) then the other, it is a little more cumbersome then it looks. If the hem on the bedspread you put on from only the vantage point of the first side happens to hang a little off by an inch or two—automatic failure. Oh yeah; while changing those linens: you had better wash your hands three separate times depending upon what step you happen to be starting next. Give me a break!

On another note, Marc having arrived back in Yuma with some great rocks in tow from his friend’s home in Redding proceeded to further “landscape” our lot. Heads up, LaWana and Dallas. Now if you rent from us again you can wander out front, set yourself down on the rock bench and watch the sunset. See, we think of every comfort for our guests!

Speaking of dear hubby, he will remain in Yuma for at least another month to six weeks more than likely. This almost works better. I have been so busy with the class I told him it is better I don’t have him underfoot to have to cook, clean and entertain. This re-inventing oneself ain’t any fun kids. It’s downright damn hard work. The internet Queen suddenly has an entirely silent computer.
PS: I hear our neighbors are very jealous of our new rocks!