And the road goes on forever...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Every time I head down Newmark Avenue, dropping into the city proper (yes indeed, it does drop downhill), I’ve passed within one block of Mingus Park. I’ve seen the pond from the city streets and the ball fields but I’ve never visited the Japanese gardens until today. Coos Bay has a sister city, Choshi, Japan; and established this relationship in February 1983. Mingus Park sports a wonderful garden dedicated to the things Coos Bay shares with her “sister” and it was a fine morning to investigate. For more information you can go to:

Ducks floated, quacked, and preened and a couple of young mothers pushed strollers, one jogging round and round the paved pathway that surrounds the ponds. Other than the mothers and one elderly couple it was quiet and I had the place to myself. As I wandered and took photos I was amazed at the forest—this all resides within city limits yet seems to stretch for vast acres of solitude.

It’s still prime season for rhododendrons and they flourished here in selected areas. In addition, there were some Japanese style trees, a bamboo forest, and pagoda like structures scattered about. The air smelled damp and earthy and faintly evergreen as I listened to a melodious creek which was falling into the smaller pond. It was truly tranquil. A fitting start to a good day. I could have sat on a bench studying all this much longer but I needed to get to the library and look for some books on new occupations.