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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ya Win One, Ya Lose Another

I should have figured it out when I was allowed to win the window episode, that the price to pay would be an even bigger win for what Marc wanted-ha. I soon found out however, when he and the neighbor drove up with a new barbecue in the box. I will admit that the corner of our courtyard was just begging to be filled with one, but I had hoped to skip the expense this trip given that we are out of work.

The paver-laying projects are finally completed. Wanting to use up all the pavers if we could, Marc decided to extend the work around the new spa pad as far as they would go. He finalized all the cuts necessary on the front patio portion and also laid some edgers around the palms. With the exception of completion of the palm irrigation our courtyard patio is complete for this stage. Eventually years from now, we have hopes to build an outdoor kitchen. Meanwhile, I’m pleased as punch! It has turned out better than I envisioned so many years ago. Outdoor entertaining? Bring it on!

Speaking of parties, they have started in the neighborhood, where last evening we stepped across the street to good friends Ron & Jan’s new home for some Christmas spirit. It was great reuniting and catching up with friends we haven’t seen in years. Thanks for a great time, Ron & Jan!