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Friday, December 12, 2008

On Our Lot

As is our usual modus operandi, we have hit the ground running. Marc’s efforts have been a little scattered in that were several things he wanted to accomplish quickly, plus he got sidetracked a bit by helping out others with some tasks not on our list. The weather has been great and time is passing very quickly.
We mounted our post lights on the privacy wall and Marc has been connecting the electric to get them running. In addition, we removed the gravel between the patio and the privacy wall in anticipation of laying the leftover pallet of pavers we had on the lot. Since this needed a bed of sand, he and neighbor Ron did some sifting of the dirt from the back of our lot with a makeshift sifter to remove the rocks. Dirt here is mostly sand. We have made and remade additional landscape plans, settling on a palm tree for the area inside the privacy wall and nothing on the outside. He will need to run irrigation to this area from the new faucet he installed—complete with a Y to allow for the wall hung fountain we have just ordered.

In walking though the neighborhood I noted these striking blue pots against the stucco walls of this home and liked it so much I decided to copy-cat. I had five old pots lying around so spray painted them and added some annuals. I will spread these against the privacy wall once the pavers are complete to add some color. Today we also got the Hot Springs spa cleaned and fired up and it should be ready for use by tomorrow. Oh boy!

Lastly, our tenants have a very nice cat named Lucky who loves to play with our cat Tucker so we all have fun watching the two boys roam the lot.
Tomorrow and through the weekend much of the west is having severe weather. Even here in Yuma we have lost our sunshine and will dip to the low 60’s. Oh, yes, life is tough here.