And the road goes on forever...

Monday, December 29, 2008


We celebrated Christmas with our neighbors across the street, Bill and Rosemary, plus other neighbors Pete and Betty as we all gathered in Bill’s new home. Bill is a great chef and he outdid himself with a succulent turkey and ham topped with freshly made raspberry glaze. Of course, their “to die for kitchen” didn’t hurt the efforts at all either! They also graciously invited our tenants, Dallas and Lawanna and this couple from the Oregon beach melded seamlessly with the group.

The next morning bright and early Marc (with help from Dallas) decided it was time to drain and move the spa onto its new pad. Refilled, we had to wait a day for the water to heat up enough again to use it. We have made it our new habit to spend every morning early dipping our old bones.

Last evening, antsy to try out his new barbecue Marc finally made his beer can chicken as a treat for Dallas and Lawanna. We had wanted to have it earlier but the Yuma weather has not been cooperative lately with its low temps and wind. We finally gave up and decided to get fortified with plenty of wine to offset the low wind chill temperatures as we ate al fresco. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

Coming up this week, we will be joined by Marc’s long time friends from high school days, coming to visit and stay awhile in their RVs. In honor of (mostly) completing the work on the lot, we are throwing a big party on Saturday so stay tuned for the rollicking good times.