And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, May 16, 2024

We're Camping!


Just a few notes here as there’s nothing too exciting or productive going on as yet.

One of my first and ongoing tasks is to try and pick up the downed wood and branches that always occur over winter, so I’m building our burn pile. It really is amazing just how much comes down over a winter’s course so I find myself working on it a few hours at a time.

We did get the repairs finalized in the Hideout and towed it down to a storage facility on the main highway to put a For Sale on it; kudos to the kind owner who is letting us park it there. Activity has been slow but as they say, it only takes one and the weather hasn’t been terribly conducive as yet. It’s been kind of coolish. Overall, I think the consensus is that RV sales are down. 

I was pleased some of Fall’s planting of bulbs paid off and daffodils have sprung up. I also got a few other favorites into pots (dahlias, petunias and a cherry tomato). Trees are just now starting to bud out so some of our direct sunshine will fade as they leaf out and provide us with summer shade. 

We got up our fancier and larger screen tent and are really enjoying both the protection and the view from its roomy interior. Even the cats approve! Marc often works out there on his tablet while I read novels. The only downside is lowering the flaps when it’s due to rain.

Not having any success at gaining any labor help for the intended stairway, Marc purchased some lumber yesterday and is in the process of working on a design. He came across an old aluminum handicap ramp he saw in town and is trying to contact the owner to see if she wants to sell it as he was told it’s no longer being used. That could be incorporated much as one would see a ramp at a marina. Regardless of how it all comes together, this is going to be a slow, arduous process as Marc’s back isn’t getting any better and his torn should rotator cuff limits use of his left arm. 

I will actually be gone quite a bit in June as I have Waupaca appointments nearly every week and any trip home takes at least 2-3 days by the time I do all the chores, including the laundry, getting our drinking water from the artesian spring, and all the yard care. I am also due to help with the shelter rummage sale on its opening day and again with a pizza sale on June 29th. I had previously cut material for about four baskets and I brought that with me so on the list of things to accomplish in the next couple months is to get the rope wrapped and then sewn, as they are intended for the next shelter auction in August. 

It seems to be a little less hectic here this trip or I’m slowing down and just not as rambunctious to get things accomplished. Marc bought some fishing tackle and we’re hopeful to soon get out in both boats and do some of that. In addition to the pontoon, he has a 14-foot aluminum boat which is actually probably easier to fish from.

So, that’s the way our summer is shaping up! I’ll post as there’s progress of any note….Meanwhile, it’s rainy today so inside endeavors.