And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Delays…or Necessities?


March has turned to mid-April already and winter decided to finally arrive for the Midwest. We had several small snowstorms and fairly cool weather and high winds daily, keeping us from doing much outside. Marc lost the battle of the electrical short in the Hideout so we made an appointment for an RV shop to handle it. That was a delay of three weeks right there. It has returned now with the lighting all better, but we still have not received the front panel for the new refrigerator. So, despite my hopes to be able to get this thing on the market during prime selling season, they were dashed day by day. Our only choice now may be for Marc to tow it up north to try and sell it there. What a pain….

Another delay was caused by medical appointments as a result from my urgent care visit in early March. I’ve been undergoing a battery of tests, with more still to come. The follow up doctor appointments won’t occur until mid-May and mid-June so I likely will have to travel here from up north. With the price of fuel, we try and limit our home visits to twice a month, to take care of mail, yard work and laundry, but I already have three trips scheduled during the month of June, so in actuality, much of June will be spent here at home. 

Because the cats don’t travel well, we make the choice to relocate them only twice/year, which necessitates that one of us remain with them while the other travels home to take care of things so the trips are never something we do together. It’s looking like Marc may finally be able to make the first trip north to do his prep and setup for the big RV late this week. He wants to pour some cement pads for the wheels to sit on; it needs to be hauled out from under the shelter to its spot and then blocked and leveled. I won’t follow until that is all accomplished, so it’ll be sometime in May I suspect.

I continue to make more art quilts and jewelry for the next shelter auction (August) since I’m not sure how much I will get done while I’m north. I think I forgot to mention BTW, that my efforts netted the shelter around $700 from their Feb. auction so I was thrilled with that! After pruning about as much as I can in the yard, my yard tasks are done until it gets warm enough for the grass and weeds to start growing again. I’m more than ready to spend time outside and be more physically active—this old horse is chomping at the bit to get on the road!

(shoreline wave using a peacock feather)