And the road goes on forever...

Friday, August 12, 2022

Work and Play


Picking up where I last left off, this could be a far-ranging post.


Marc continues to work on the boat shed while starting to put together the Versatube RV storage. All that is left is to install a couple of windows in the gable ends and complete that portion of the siding.

The instructions to the RV shed were not very explicit and it is very heavy for him to manage himself (the metal frame portion you see totals about 2000 pounds) so he rigged up a jig on his long flatbed trailer and used the Mule wench to stand them upright. The factory had made a mistake on the dimensions due to fortified trusses for our snow loads so Marc is awaiting new parts to be able to actually get any farther along with that. We did get the post holes dug for it the other day since they will each be anchored in the ground to a depth of about three feet secured by concrete. This baby shouldn’t go anywhere once erected. 

More and more trees continue to come down and we spend much time “processing” the wood. We have cleared out a significant portion of deadfall and standing dead timber. If it’s a large tree, he bucks it up, then I lop off the smaller branches and essentially make two piles, one to burn and one to haul off for my brush fence. The place is looking much better!


We continue to have problems with the neighbor’s dogs running loose onto our property and we often have the cats free roaming outside, since after all, it is our property and they should be safely allowed to do so. After the latest nasty incident with a pit bull treeing Munchkin and the dog having no idea how close to death he came, we are trying to expedite getting up the gate. I now have the brush fence running the entire length of our property line with the boat ramp, so once the gate is up we’re hopeful it mitigates them coming in entirely. After that, we’ll figure they’re fair game.

Mosquitoes continue to plague us: Deet and a couple of solutions:

While the guy was here doing the post holes, we also had him haul in and level the gravel to get the area for the garage prepped. We finally found a contractor who came out and looked at what we wanted in anticipation of giving us a bid for the concrete slab and forms. No word as yet on either bid or time frame for the work.

It’s not all work around here, although most days seem like it! We explored some interconnected in town lakes on a beautiful warm Saturday, where lots of others were out with families and friends doing the same. The lakes are surrounded by homesites but are filled with tiny islands, some of them open to the public, and it never seemed too crowded. Numerous loons were seen, including a mom with two babies. We also finally got out to use our kayaks on our own lake.

( a lot of work to stack those rocks!)

(umbrella great idea!)

Marc & I take turns going to Waupaca because we don’t want to haul the cats back and forth all the time. They do much better with a routine of staying put in one place. Last time I was home I noticed that our old apple tree had many broken branches and was in grave need of help. Marc is home this time so took his chain saw. Our front steps are also coming apart there, as they were built seven years ago as a temporary thing, so those will need replacement once we get home. Right now in the good weather, Marc is working on spraying the laundry room cabinets he built last winter. We will entirely repaint the laundry room this winter.

I’ve more on my mind to tell you about but you’ll have to check in next time for those thoughts! We continue to absolutely love the solace, solitude, and peace this property provides and feel so fortunate to be here! I marvel every single day just how beautiful it is and how it simply feeds my soul to be here.