And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Two Decisions


(My hungry cats!)

It’s been five months with Marc gone and I must say it has not gone well for either one of us. We’re just missing each other too much and missing our “retired” life together. Add in the frustration Marc has experienced with this project and it all came down to figuring out what would make us happiest is to just pull the plug.

Marc’s last day of employment will be the 21st and to that end he is already mostly packed up to leave immediately afterwards. Barring the old Dodge breaking down somewhere along the route, I should see him no later than the 27th I hope.

Once he’s unpacked and has rested, our second decision involves staying relatively close to home for the rest of the year. We had given much thought to heading out west for a family visit in October but have nixed that for now. The journey is just too far and with covid rampant, it didn’t thrill us to be around those not vaccinated, which includes many in my family. 

Instead, we’re still going to try and get out and enjoy Wisconsin’s most beautiful month of the year, hopefully wandering up north and sightseeing regions we’ve never seen before and relaxing next to water. I will plan only a loose itinerary and I’d like to pack light and not take the kayaks so we can easily move along to the next campsite when the urge strikes. Our kayaks are very heavy and not something to easily be loaded and unloaded daily. 

Summer is waning down here locally; I pulled the garden the other day and the shelter’s main fundraising event, the annual rummage sale, was accomplished to a record-breaking amount in late August thanks to all our volunteers’ efforts. 

Coming this weekend is Waupaca’s Fall O’Rama where we have a booth filled with home baked goodies, including my 21 loaves of bread, which I’ve spent the last month baking. They always sell out, at $5/loaf!

As to the future, we’ll be keeping a close eye on building material costs as we plan to build some type of pole barn for storage of our RV, the Chevy and Freightliner, and our future boat. It won’t be as fancy as we initially planned given that Marc’s income was cut short but it will at least finally be somewhere to put the vehicles away out of Wisconsin’s winters and weather. We have plenty of space for it on our other, buildable acre lot. So, watch for that in future updates; maybe we can even get started before snow flies!