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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Crunch Time

It’s been absolutely wild around the job site lately. We’ve been on the countdown to obtain all the city inspections and pass things for the Certificate of Occupancy and there’s been just myriad problems daily. We’re both working long hours with no breaks for days off. 

Since last time, I lost my phone on the job and then someone stole it so I had to buy a cheap replacement. I figured losing one $700 phone was enough. I am not all that pleased with the replacement and you must bear with poor quality photos until I get back to my regular digital camera which I left in WI. Now I know why the huge difference in cell phone prices. The new one doesn’t appear to have image stabilization either, so I end up tossing half of the photos out as totally unusable. 

I have been totally on the punch list end of things now for about two weeks and putting in way more hours than I ever intended. I have an Excel sheet I work from to fill in while I’m in the unit; then after doing so many my eyes swim from looking for defects, I go into the office and type and print them for posting in each unit. I am known on the floor as the blue tape lady that everyone hates to see coming! By now I have nearly all the units finished but I’m still working on the common areas and ancillary rooms. Once the subs do the corrections I will check the units again and then also do them again after final clean, which has already also started. I am also in charge of running that crew and checking on their work.
Much has been accomplished this week but I 
wasn’t able to get many up to date photos with all that is going on. For three days, I was running a three-guy team of temp workers doing all the grunt, oddball work of cleanup and pickup, vacuuming endless hallways of newly laid carpet, etc. I’m glad that’s over; dealing with mindless and mostly lazy workers was worse than herding cats as they say. 

In between all this commotion, our daughter Rachael got married to Eric in a private ceremony at the courthouse where they live in Texas. They did however, dress up and had professional photos taken and they looked stunning. They seem over the moon so we are very happy for them.
That’s about it for now but I will follow up soon (I hope) with some further finished pictures as the building is finally finalized and furnished. We are getting so anxious to finally get this over with and leave Yuma; you have no idea!