And the road goes on forever...

Friday, December 9, 2016

Switch Up

We ended up switching things up so I am still in Wisconsin. Marc got off with the little rig on Wednesday and is already approaching Amarillo with his marathon driving abilities. He’s staying in truck stops, freezing to death, and having minor mechanical problems with the old Dodge—so what else is new? At least he hasn’t suffered any blow-outs as yet! He will be flying back on the 17th and we hope to leave with the park model by the 22nd if weather permits. 

I wanted to comment that I lost my Uncle yesterday, due to lung cancer. He had been ill but undiagnosed for a long time until just the past couple weeks and at that point it was too late to effectively do anything beyond sending him home with Hospice care. I mourn the loss for myself and for his large family; he was one of the really decent ones and will be greatly missed. In addition to that, we’ve been dealing with a bad fall that my mother took about two weeks ago. Thankfully, she had no major injuries as a result but she has looked as though she went ten rounds with a champion boxer and her arm movement is quite impaired. She has had help and feels as though she is improving but it gives me added impetus to get west to be able to see her next spring. 

I’m bracing for much more snow coming up and then very jarring minus temperatures to follow so I am housebound for the time being until Marc’s return. Then hopefully, no more glitches and we can be off in a nicer weather window. Christmas will be on the road if all goes well but if the bad weather continues it will be a nightmare of trying to keep power and heat to the park model if we find no open RV parks.