And the road goes on forever...

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Just About Ready

Plans are for us to try and leave Monday in between snow flurries since a major snow storm is being called for next week. We’d like to be into MO or OK by then since even there, it will still be cold. The park model has very little insulation and the water tank is exposed so it will be dicey if temps fall below freezing on our nightly stays.

I make one more shopping trip tomorrow to stock the fridge for travel and to turn in our cable modem which ends our internet. I already got some of the important items though: New Glarus (only sold in WI) Spotted Cow beer for my daughter and enough Wisconsin cheese to last for a little while and to share with Yuma neighbors. Gosh, we’ll sure be missing that stuff! 
Marc has had some work done on the Freightliner and built his oakie camper shell to haul his tools on his Dodge. He also bought and installed new tires for my trailer on a “burr” 23 degree wind-chill day. He used the opportunity to grease the wheel bearings which hadn’t been done in a long time. The interior is minimally stocked with everything excepting food for his trip south with it towards the end of December. He flies back here on the 17th to get his Dodge packed and things closed up so it will be a very hectic month for him.
I almost hate to go; it’s like starting a new chapter in our book of life, not knowing how it will traverse and meander.