And the road goes on forever...

Monday, June 16, 2014


No, we’re not harvesting hay although it may appear so! Our grass was so tall that it took Marc several visits at the lots to get them all completed and the dried grass picked up so it wouldn’t rot the lawn. To that end, we needed to purchase a new piece of equipment, a sweeper/catcher contraption that despite having no motorized parts cost $400. Sheez.
We worked hard towards getting everything in tip top shape on Marc’s few days off before his leaving for North Dakota again this morning, to hold till his return, hopefully in no more than two weeks time this trip. If Lady Luck really holds for him, this could even be his last trip there for awhile. While Marc mowed, I pulled weeds and pruned shrubs and the smaller trees and then finally was able to set out the birdbath I had made.
 Given that we purchased the land barren and snow covered, we felt proud as we gazed out, noting how pleasant it is here this time of year, and how utterly park-like. Marc noted that the space between the two mature apple trees is begging for a hammock!
The stakes you see marked here are where we intend to place the house. Blenker says he will work on drawing the plans ASAP and our loan is now approved. 

We met with the septic contractor Saturday and will be getting a bid for a new system. The current one, although of legal distance, is too close to the wellhead for us to be comfortable with it so it will be regulated to RV use only.
Directly across the subdivision street from us, the seller has a large lot for sale with a very well done pond. We are free to use it until it sells—he aerates it to keep algae and mosquitoes at bay; it has a neat little dock and electricity there. The bird life is wonderful and the fountains melodic. A great spot for a picnic!
Finally, our apples are forming!