And the road goes on forever...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Marc's Back!

After 32 days away Marc arrived back late Saturday night. Since he was pulling 80 hour work weeks, seven days a week, there was no time for us to do anything towards the house. He is taking a few hours off this week and we’ve been trying to get ahead on our long list of “to do” items. The lot deserved attention first, since with Wisconsin’s spring rains the grass has been growing like a house a fire and was over our knees. The mower couldn’t handle it and broke a spring which caused the hydraulics in the steering levers to malfunction. Marc towed it from the field and did a Joe McGee fix so he could finish mowing but our second lot still is in grave need of mowing. Add ordering lawnmower parts and fixing that to his “to do” list.
We are now witness to our land in its full glory; since purchasing when it was snow covered and barren didn’t afford us the true feel of how it is in full bloom. The trees are magnificent, tall and full and the lilacs made beautiful bouquets for a couple of weeks. I am still harvesting rhubarb but the asparagus is about done. The weather has been very mild lately, in the perfect range of 70’s and 80’s and the area just shines with spring chartreuse and greens. It’s quite beautiful and paints an entirely different picture than winter!
Today we meet with our lender on the construction loan and are hopeful to have a decision made by week’s end as to which builder we will be using so we can get things moving along in what will be a four month process more than likely. We may also slip away to Appleton to pick up the hutch I bought at the antique gallery. And then of course, there’s all that mowing and weed-whacking. Marc might be glad to head back to North Dakota! Actually, no he won’t. 

I engaged in a little more crafty handiwork, making a twine bowl from an idea I saw on Pinterest. It turned out quite interesting so I bought some larger jute earth colored twine to make a larger bowl next since it’s a pretty fun project. The next craft project awaiting me is to chalk paint some tall terra cotta  pots with an applied stencil design. If they turn out I’ll be showing them next.